1. Get Started

To start your volunteering, click here to register. We will then send you important information that will help you with your volunteering.

Welcome on board and thank you for volunteering with us!

Here’s what you can expect:

First, take our Energy Quiz to find out how much you currently know about energy. You'll then be ready to start your volunteering:

Week 1: Energy Tutorial Module 1 – Energy and Sustainability

Week 2: Energy Tutorial Module 2 – Energy Usage

Week 3: Energy Tutorial Module 3 – Building Fabric

Week 4 onwards: Your Project – pick an energy project and follow our step-by-step guides to help people in your local area to use energy more wisely, save money and help to save the planet.

The total length of your volunteering depends on your Duke of Edinburgh's Award level. The table below shows the volunteering time required for each level and the energy project options available:


  Minimum time



  3 or 6 months

  Energy Audit

  Energy Awareness Campaign

  Energy Saving Competition


  6 or 12 months

  Energy Audit

  Energy Awareness Campaign

  Energy Saving Competition


  12 or 18 months

  Energy Advice Service

  Energy Audit

  Energy Awareness Campaign

You must spend a minimum of one hour per week volunteering for the time required at your level for it to count towards your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

At the end of each week, update your Activity Log to keep a record of what you’ve done and save any photos, videos or other materials you’ve produced.

Earn your Energy Envoys Certificate

Once you complete your volunteering, you will be able to claim your Energy Envoys Certificate from the National Energy Foundation. To do this, you will need to be a registered volunteer and send us information about your energy project, along with any photos, videos and materials produced at the end of your volunteering.

We hope you enjoy your volunteering!